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Balancing My Passion for Skincare and Family: The Journey of SkinGym Founder, Katherine Taylor

Life is a beautiful journey filled with opportunities, challenges, and most importantly, the pursuit of our passions. For Katherine Taylor, her journey in the skincare industry began at the age of 16 when she discovered her passion for skincare and helping others feel confident in their own skin.

Her dedication and love for her craft led her to become a trainer for the International Institute of Active Ageing (IIAA), empowering other skin professionals in their pursuit of excellence. However, in 2016, Katherine took a bold step and decided to establish her own business, SkinGym, to strike a perfect balance between her passion for skincare and her desire to create a nurturing family life with her husband, Andy, and their two daughters, Lottie and Darcie.

The Spark that Ignited SkinGym

From an early age, Katherine knew she wanted to make a difference in people’s lives through skincare. Her journey started as a beauty therapist, where she saw firsthand how helping others feel good about their appearance boosted their confidence. Her expertise grew, and in 2012, she became a trainer for the IIAA, specialising in Environ Skincare, Advanced Nutrition Programmes skin supplements, and Skincare makeup. This experience not only honed her skills but also deepened her passion for skincare and its transformative impact on people’s lives.

The Birth of SkinGym

In 2016, fuelled by a desire for greater flexibility and a work-life balance that would accommodate starting a family, Katherine took a leap of faith and founded SkinGym. Working from home, she converted her dining room into a serene treatment room where she could provide personalised skincare solutions to her clients. With unwavering support from her husband, Andy, who runs his own marketing agency, they joined forces to build the brand and develop a website that would showcase the services SkinGym had to offer.

Welcoming Motherhood and Growing the Business

December 2016 marked the arrival of Katherine and Andy’s first daughter, Lottie. Despite the challenges of being a new mother, Katherine was back at work within three months to maintain the client base she had worked so hard to build. It was an uphill battle, but her passion for skincare and the sense of fulfillment she derived from helping clients achieve healthy, glowing skin kept her motivated.

Katherine and Andy welcomed their first daughter in 2016

In 2018, as SkinGym flourished, they made the decision to establish a new, purpose-built clinic at their home. This expansion allowed them to enhance their services, deliver exceptional experiences to clients, and accommodate the growing demand for their expertise. During this time of growth, the family was blessed with another addition, their second daughter, Darcie. Juggling work and motherhood once again, Katherine dove back into her role as a business owner while nurturing her family.

The Challenges of Balancing Business and Family

Running a business while managing a young family is no easy feat, and Katherine readily admits to the challenges that come with it. Long hours, a never-ending to-do list, and the constant balancing act between business and family responsibilities can be daunting. However, Katherine’s unwavering passion for her work and her commitment to being the best mother she can be push her forward. Alongside her, Andy’s entrepreneurial spirit and his support as both a husband and a business partner have been instrumental in keeping SkinGym thriving.

Katherine and Andy on holiday with their two daughters in 2022

Supporting Each Other’s Dreams

Andy’s dedication to SkinGym doesn’t end with just supporting Katherine; he also takes an active role in managing and maintaining the business’s website. Additionally, he recently set up his own venture, Voltco, an Electric Vehicle charger installation business. In the spirit of mutual support, Katherine is equally invested in Andy’s new venture, ensuring that their family’s dreams are encouraged and nurtured.

Andy and his Voltco business partner Chris Hawkins

Katherine Taylor’s journey into skincare and the establishment of SkinGym exemplify the power of pursuing one’s passion while fostering a fulfilling family life. Her relentless dedication, together with Andy’s unwavering support, has resulted in a successful business that not only provides top-notch skincare solutions but also embodies the importance of work-life balance and family values.

Katherine’s story serves as an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to turn their passion into a thriving business. It reminds us that with determination, love, and a strong support system, we can overcome any challenges life throws our way, achieving both personal and professional success in the process. As Katherine continues her journey, her love for skincare and devotion to her family remain steadfast, guiding her towards a future where SkinGym can continue to serve her loyal clients and family life.