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Day vs Night Skincare Routines

With countless products on the market and an overwhelming amount of advice, diving into the world of skincare routines can be daunting. Are the morning skincare routine and the pm skincare routine different? And if so, why?

This is where I come in to share my expertise, demystifying the difference between the two and guiding you to curate the best skincare routine tailored to your needs.

Day Night Skincare Routines

Why Differentiate Between Day and Night?

It all comes down to our skin’s natural rhythm and needs. During the day, our skin acts as a protective barrier against environmental aggressors, requiring an am skincare routine that prioritises protection. As night falls, the skin goes into repair mode, making the night skincare routine essential for rejuvenation.

Morning Skincare Routine Order

  1. Cleanser: Always start with a gentle cleanser. It’s a basic skincare routine step to ensure your skin is fresh and ready for the day.
  2. Toner: Preps your skin to absorb subsequent products better.
  3. Serum: Depending on your skin needs, serums can provide hydration or treat specific skin concerns.
  4. Moisturiser: Essential for hydrating and sealing in the previous steps.
  5. Sunscreen: Arguably the most crucial step in the daytime skincare routine. Always protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Following this morning skincare routine order ensures maximum efficiency and protection throughout the day. Remember, the morning face routine is all about protection!

Night Skincare Routine

Come night-time, your skin has been exposed to a myriad of environmental pollutants. The night skincare routine order is geared towards deep cleansing and repairing.

Makeup Remover/Cleansing Oil: If you wear makeup, start with this. If not, it still helps in removing the day’s grime.

  1. Cleanser: Use your preferred cleanser to ensure skin is thoroughly clean. Exfoliate (Weekly Skincare Routine):
  2. Toner: Balances the skin’s pH levels.
  3. Serum: Night serums often contain active ingredients that work best when you’re resting.
  4. Eye Cream: For those pesky under-eye concerns.
  5. Moisturiser: A richer formula for the night helps in deep hydration.

Ensure you follow the skincare routine steps at night, and don’t forget the night routine for face is all about repair and rejuvenation!

Key Takeaways

  • Best Face Routine: Tailor your routine to your skin’s needs. Whether it’s the daily face routine or the weekly skincare routine, ensure you’re consistent.
  • Morning vs Night: The day and night skincare routine should differ based on skin needs. The daytime skincare routine prioritises protection, whereas skincare at night focuses on repair.
  • Order Matters: Whether it’s the morning skincare routine order, the night skincare routine order

Links to products I recommend

As always we’re here to guide you on your skincare journey so feel free to book a consultation with me so I can give you the best recommendations and advice.

Katherine Taylor,
Skincare Expert at The Skin Gym.