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Gorgeous glowing wedding skin

Every bride wants the perfect wedding day from the dress to the makeup, the venue to the nails and everything in between. You want to look flawless, gorgeously glowing – ever the blushing bride. One thing that is super important on your wedding day is your skin. A recent survey of 92 private dermatology clinics has shown a 214% increase in pre-wedding adult acne, no blushing bride wants that on her big day.

SkinGym Wedding glow skin

Here are some top tips for a flawless face on your wedding day and beyond so you can look back at those photos and smile.

1. See a skin therapist

First things first, stop buying hundreds of products thinking it’s going to give you the perfect glow and go see a skin specialist, you can actually save yourself  a lot of time and money by making sure what you’re putting on your skin is going to deliver the results.

Ideally you want to see a skin therapist at least 3 months before, but there really is no such thing as starting too soon when it comes to flawless skin. Ideally you want to start a new routine 6 months to get the skin in tip top condition. Come and have a free consultation and see how we can help you get flawless skin.

SkinGym Wedding Tips See a Specialist

2. Eat the right skin food

Since your skin is a reflection of your inner health you really want to a diet rich in skin foods. Such as lots of vitamins and minerals from a rainbow of vegetables (especially green veg), this will keep the skin protected and healthy, lots of good fats from nuts, seeds or avocados this will keep the skin hydrated and glowing. Lots of oily fish to nourish and calm (great if you’ve got a breakout), lots of protein from chicken, eggs and lentils great for building collagen to banish those wrinkles, antioxidants from fruit to shield the skin and of course plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Taking a skin supplement can be a good way of making sure you are getting plenty and help you on the way to gorgeous skin.

3. Avoid the skin sins

Bin the face wipes – they will only dry your skin out and cause more breakouts. Stop scrubbing, too much exfoliation aggravates, go for a more long term solution with Vitamin-A that naturally helps the skin to exfoliate.

Say no to sugar as it is a big no no for the skin as it breaks down the collagen and can contribute to spots, if you get break outs cut down on dairy and wheat as these foods can cause inflammation leading to more breakouts.

SkinGym wedding tips avoid skin sins

4. Have a professional facial

Let the skin experts get to work on your skin and show it the love and care it needs to give you the big day glow.

Ideally you want to be having a monthly skin treatment but this depends on your skin needs and dreams, we can help you put this together. The hydraboost facial is a popular one with brides wanting a beautiful glowing skin.

SkinGym wedding tips stress less

5. Stress less

Easy said than done when you are planning a wedding, but stress does have an impact on the skin and often you can get an unwanted breakouts, feel run down and your skin can look a little dull.

If stress levels are sky high try taking some time out do a yoga class, try meditating or have a relaxing massage this will all help you de-stress and get your glow back.

Skin Gym tips for wedding glow skin

6. Beautiful bridal makeup

Swap your cosmetic makeup for some skin loving mineral makeup.  Instead of makeup being part of the problem it is now part of the solution when it comes to healthy skin.

Jane Iredale mineral makeup has no nasty’s, no talc, no sensitizers so light you don’t even feel like you are wearing makeup. Perfect for prepping the skin for the big day and gives the skin a flawless photo finish on the day itself. Come and have a free makeover and see for yourself.


7. Don’t forget the body

Especially the arms. How many of us take care of the face but skip the body bit? A common complaint that we see on the body especially the arms is something called keratosis pilaris which is those little tiny red bumps on the back of the arms.

Try using a lactic acid body exfoliator like Environ hydrating lotion combined with a Vitamin-A body oil to smooth out the skin and make those bumps disappear.

Up your dose of oily fish as sometimes it can be linked to an essential fatty acid deficiency.

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Get Started With A Wedding Consultation

We believe that an in-depth analysis of your skin is the cornerstone of a successful wedding skincare programme and there is no better way to do that face-to-face so we can see your skin and recommend the right products to achieve your skincare goals.

However, we understand not everyone can easily visit our clinic so you can book a face-to-face or an Online Video Consultation with our skincare expert Katherine Taylor at a time to suit you by clicking the Book Now button below.

Online consultations can be done via Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp and once you’ve booked Katherine will be in touch to give you the access details.

We do take a £10 deposit to book face-to-face or online consultations but this is fully redeemable against product orders.

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It really is one of the best days of your life! This is me, Katherine Taylor on my wedding day.

Katherine Taylor wedding day

Love the skin you’re in – especially on your big day!

Katherine x