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Instagram Live with Dr Des Fernandes – Thursday 21st January 6pm

He’s a skincare pioneer, a top plastic surgeon and founder of Environ. Who are we talking about? None other than the inimitable Dr Des Fernandes, of course. We’re delighted that our skincare expert Katherine Taylor will be talking to him on an Instagram Live later this month – but before we get into all that, why should you be excited about Dr Des Fernandes?

The Skincare Rockstar 

Dr Des brought Vitamin A to the mainstream. As a young surgeon in South Africa, he suffered the tragic loss of two patients to melanoma who were both very young themselves. This sparked in him a lifelong study into ways to take care of your skin, and in his studies, he came across research into vitamin A. He took these findings around vitamin A to a lab, and when they weren’t interested, he started his own lab and started creating products to help improve the signs of ageing, acne and other problem skin conditions.

He’s passionate about the positive effects vitamin A can have on your skin, and before the pandemic he would travel the world to educate the public and skincare professionals about its wide-ranging benefits.   

Instagram Live Event With Dr Des Fernandes

Founder of Environ

Environ was founded when his sister, now Group Chairman and CEO Val Carstens, believed in her brother enough to start selling the products Dr Des was making in his lab. Founded in 1990, Environ has seen worldwide success, now with 140 products available in more than 70 countries.

Under Dr Des’ direction, Environ’s research team have combined effective active ingredients in quantities that will work for your skin – as opposed to most skin care products that make promises that they can’t deliver on.

The New Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products

Environ have just launched an anti-pollution range, including Anti-Pollution Spritz and Anti-Pollution Masque. This range is specifically targeted at indoor and outdoor pollution, with the spritz designed to act like a barrier, protecting your skin from damage, and the masque designed to cleanse the skin from all pollutants.

Instagram Live with Katherine Taylor and Dr Des Fernandes

We’re very excited to be hosting a conversation with Dr Des Fernandes about these new anti-pollution products over on the SkinGym Instagram on Thursday 21st January at 6pm. We’ll be talking ingredients, how to incorporate them into your routine, and how they’ll benefit your skin. Put it in your diaries and we’ll see you there!