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  1. Olivia Barron

    Just started using this for some stretch marks with the environ body oil and already I can see such a difference!

  2. Zoe mcguinness

    I have bought one of these after I had been having surgical needling on my face as my results were amazing. The body roller can be used on scar tissue and orange peeling of the skin (stretch marks) On tops of legs and stomachs. Use with the Environ body oil to enhance penetration of Vitamin A C & E which will feed the skin also the new Body Contour cream

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SkinGym Environ Body Roll CIT
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(2 customer reviews)

Cosmetic Body Roller

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  • Details

    This hand held device dramatically increases the effectiveness of your Environ skincare products by allowing improved perfusion of essential vitamins in the skin.

    Please note due to the nature of the active ingredients Environ is a consultation only product, therefore if you would like to purchase products please register and fill out our online consultation form or call 01274 288 801 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for advice and to order products.

  • Benefits & Skin Types

    The  Cosmetic Body Roller is a roller that has 108 micrscopic needles that gently roll over the skin to allow more penetration of your active ingredients. As you progress through your Vitamin A levels your skin gets stronger which makes it harder for product penetration therefore the device has been created to get the maximum effects from your moisturisers and serums.

    Perfect for all skins (excluding inflamed skins and acne)

  • How to Use

    Must be acclimatised to 2 x  bottles of AVST Body Oil first.  Roll over area for 10 minutes and follow with Environ body products. Use in evening only. Clean weekly with cleansing solution.