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  1. Zoe mcguinness

    This definitely one of the most amazing tools on the market.
    The gold metal roller is certainly one of the most luxurious items from Environ. If used correctly can be effective to bring your skin to the next level. Must be used in conjunction with all serums. Must be cleaned correctly and not used by another person. I have been using it since my 40’s if you can have medical needling done by a professional as well your results will be much faster. Fades away your lines and wrinkles helps with pigmentation and sun spots. If you start early your skin will stay strong and plump as it will help with producing collagen in your skin. The needles are able to penetrate further down in the top layer of your skin. More so than the plastic version.
    All the celebs use this version.

  2. Laura Button

    Love using this roller in conjunction with my Environ products to reap the benefits. Easy to use each night!

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Cosmetic-Gold-Roll-CIT® at SkinGym
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The Gold Roll CIT

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  • Details

    Supercharge your results with Gold Cosmetic Roll-Cit

    The Cosmetic Gold Roll CIT is a device that has microscopic needles that gently roll over the skin to allow more penetration of your active ingredients. As you progress through your Vitamin A levels your skin gets stronger which makes it harder for product penetration therefore the device has been created to get the maximum effects from your moisturisers and serums.

    Watch my video on the effectiveness of rolling your skin by clicking here

    When on AVST:

    • AVST 2 – roll 2 x week
    • AVST 3 – roll 3 x week
    • AVST 4 – roll 4 x week
    • AVST 5 – roll 5 x week (can roll 7 x week)
  • Benefits & Skin Types

    The Gold Roll CIT is an upgrade of the Cosmetic Roll CIT as it has double the amount of needles and is double in length which means you can needle for less time, get more results from your products and have healthier more glowing skin.

    Gold is also known to have more microbial properties which means it’s even more hygienic.

    Perfect for-

    • All skins (excluding inflamed skins and acne)
    • Use with Environ Serums & Moisturisers
    • Ageing Concerns
    • Redness
    • Pigmentation
  • How to Use

    Must be acclimatised to AVST 2/ C-Quence 2 before you can include in your routine. After cleansing and toning, gently roll the device over the skin for 5-10 minutes follow with your Environ moisturisers and serums (excluding AHA products).
    When on AVST:

    • AVST 2 – roll 2 x week
    • AVST 3 – roll 3 x week
      AVST 4 – roll 4 x week
    • AVST 5 – roll 5 x week (can roll 7 x week)

    Use in the evening only.

    Clean weekly with cleansing solution.

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