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  1. Olivia Barron

    I’ve been taking this since moving to London to protect against pollution and its helped keep my skin clear and dewy!

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Skin Antioxidant


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  • Details

    Skin Antioxidant contains a brigade of antioxidants to protect the skin against attack.

    This pack contains 60 capsules.

  • Benefits & Skin Types

    Containing a powerful brigade of seven different antioxidants this is the ultimate ski supplement at protecting the skin from environment, pollution, light and toxins. Every skin needs to fight off free radicals daily to maintain a healthy skin.

    Perfect for:

    • All Skins
    • Office workers
    • Sun exposed skins
    • Fair skins


  • How to Use

    Take 1 capsule of each daily with food. If you are on medical supervision,

    Please consult a doctor before use.

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