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The SkinGym Loyalty Programme

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Be rewarded for every purchase you make and product you review

We are very grateful for the loyalty of our fantastic SkinGym members that have helped us grow to become such a trusted source for all their skincare needs, especially during the tough times we have all endured in 2020 so far.

So, to make sure we say thank you to you, every time you shop with us or write a product review you will automatically be rewarded, and every 100 points you earn we will give you £5 off your next purchase.

Here’s how you will earn points:

How to earn SkinGym Loyalty Points
  • Every £2 you spend = 1 SkinGym Loyalty Point
  • Every product review = 25 SkinGym Loyalty Points
  • 100 points = £5 off your next order

How to redeem your points:

How to redeem SkinGym Loyalty Points
  • Once you have 100 points or more you will automatically be given the option at checkout to redeem 100 points for £5 off your order
  • The ‘Apply Discount’ button will appear at the top of the ‘Secure Checkout’ page if you have 100 points or more after you have confirmed Your Basket

FAQs & Key Information

  • Points will be rewarded for product purchases made online, over the phone or through the salon
  • What if I don’t quite have 100 points? The minimum number of points required to redeem £5 off is 100 points, but you can review products to earn 25 points per review for verified purchases
  • What if I have more than 100 points? You can redeem 100 points to save £5 off your next purchase and the balance of points will remain on your account, so for example if you have 153 points and redeem your £5 off, you will have a balance of 53 points in your account
  • How do I apply the discount? If you have 100 points or more, the ‘Apply Discount’ button will appear at the top of the Secure Checkout page after you have confirmed Your Basket
  • Will I earn points if I use a discount code or purchase a sale item? Yes 1 point will be rewarded for every £2 you spend irrespective of any other discount
  • Can I redeem £5 off and use a discount code? Yes, 100 points can be redeemed at any point
  • How do I make a review? Login to your account (click here to login) visit the product page you wish to review and click the Reviews tab to leave your comments. Only verified members and purchases will qualify for the 25 points
  • Is there a minimum number of reviews I can make? No, as long as you have a verified purchase
  • Will my points expire? Yes, points will be valid for 6 months from date of purchase and if they aren’t redeemed, the number of points related to that purchase will be automatically removed from your account
  • Can I see how many points I have in My Account? Not just at the moment but this feature is coming soon in July 2020
  • Can points be exchanged for salon treatments? No, they can only be used for product purchases
  • Will I earn points for salon treatments? No they will only be rewarded for product purchases
  • Do I earn points if I pay for postage? No, only points are awarded for the value of products purchased
  • Do I earn points on the VAT I pay? Yes points are rewarded for the total value of your product purchases

Full terms and conditions apply

If you have any questions about the Loyalty Programme please don’t hesitate to contact us