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10 Common Skin Sins

When it comes to looking after your skin, there are so many conflicting opinions on what is right. What one person says you should do, another says you absolutely should not – so it can be hard to know what is best for you.

Whilst everyone’s skin is different and therefore should be treated differently, there are some common ‘skin mistakes’ that many are making. We have put together some of the top 10 most common skin sins and how to avoid them.

  1. Sleeping in your makeup

We’ve all been guilty of it, coming home late after a long day or a night out and being too tired to take our makeup off. But sleeping in makeup is one of the worst skin sins we can commit.

At night, cell mitosis peaks in our body. This is the process of renewing and repairing our skin, new cells are pushed to the surface, while your skin sheds old ones. Sleeping with makeup prevents the skin from being able to complete this cell turnover process, this can make your skin appear rough dull and dry.

2. Using baby wipes

Yes taking your makeup off is essential, but the way you take it off is also crucial. Although it may look like you are taking your makeup off, baby wipes are only formulated to remove organic material from the surface of the skin – not makeup. Using baby wipes can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. We also do not recommend using makeup wipes, not only can these contain harsh chemicals they can also completely strip your skin of oil. Fear not we have an alternative and it’s much kinder to the planet as its resuseable, introducing the FACE KLOTH. This microfiber mitt just needs water adding, then let it dissolve all the days dirt, grime and makeup off your face.

3. Not wearing SPF

One of the biggest skin sins you can make, and probably the most common, is not applying and reapplying SPF. SPF is so important in not only protecting our skin from sunburn and skin cancer, but in the fight against aging too. Damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays can cause your skin to age prematurely. A recent study* has found that people who use broad-spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis experience 24 percent less skin aging than those who don’t or only use it occasionally. Now that’s enough to reach for the SPF. Finding the right one is the key. We love Heliocare for the options of formulas.

4. Using water that is too hot

Although we all love nothing more than a nice warm shower, especially now it is getting colder outside, washing our face with water that is too hot can be really damaging.  Piping hot water can heighten skin sensitivity and strip it of its natural oils. Ideally I’d turn the temperature down on the shower or save washing your face for the sink

5. Not cleaning your tools

Cleaning your brushes is not always top of the list to think about in your daily routine, but regularly cleaning your makeup tools is really important. Bacteria can form and build up on your brushes, which in turn can lead to breakouts. Aim to wash your brushes every 4 weeks.

6. Over Exfoliation

A common myth is that you must exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate in order to have healthy glowing skin. This is not the case, over exfoliation can lead to sore, sensitive skin and sometimes even peeling and acne inflammation. Your skin is really clever and  naturally exfoliates itself. Sometimes with certain skin conditions and age  this can slow down. We recommend using Vitamin A to regulate your skins natural exfoliation process. We also love AHA’s to help speed up the exfoliation process. Why not try Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream.

7. Touching your face

Although it is really tempting, touching your face regularly can actually spread dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face. This can lead to breakouts, irritated skin and clogged pores. If you do need to touch your face, ensure your hands are clean or that you are washing them regularly! Absolutely no picking!! Leave that to the professionals!!

8. Not moisturising oily skin

A common misperception is that oily skin shouldn’t be moisturised. Whether your skin is oily or not, it should always be moisturised. Moisturisers contain important ingredients which draw the water into your skin and forms a protective layer that helps trap water into the skin. There are all kinds of different moisturisers, it is all about finding the right one for your skin type.

9. Using soap

 Whilst soap may be ok for general cleaning of your hands, it is not something that should be used to clean your face. Conventional soaps will not only strip your skin of its natural oils, they can also disrupt the pH of your skin and cause dryness and irritation. 

If you like the feel of washing your skin try Low Foam Cleaning Gel as this will be more effective and kinder to the skin

10. Not paying attention to your neck

Finally, having a good skincare routine for you neck and chest is equally as important as your face.  Whilst you may be using all the important products on your face, neglecting your neck could mean you look a different person from the chin down! Because the skin around the neck is so thin, it’s less capable of retaining moisture and in turn ages a lot faster than other parts of the body. It’s really important to keep this area hydrated if you want more youthful looking skin! No need for a separate neck product just make sure you include this area.

If you wish to discuss your skincare routine or what products to use, book a consultation with our Skincare Specialist Katherine Taylor who will be happy to help you on your skincare journey.