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Acne & Breakouts

Those constant pustules you love to squeeze, those persistent cysts, those times of the month breakouts and the congestion that really gets you down at times.

Let’s set the record straight on what causes those breakouts-

Over production of sebum.

The sebaceous gland that is responsible for how much and the type of oil you produce is too overactive producing too much and a thick sticky sebum. It can be influenced by hormonal changes and stress.

The solution is to cleanse the skin without stripping and use topical and oral Vitamin A products to normalise the oil production.

Excess Keratinisation.

This is a build up of dead skin cells causing the skin to look thickened & dull. The skin isn’t exfoliating itself correctly which causes a build up of cells and ultimately blocks the pore duct.

The solution is to exfoliate but don’t be tempted to reach for a granular scrub as this will only aggrevate, instead go for a Beta Hydroxy Acid which will dissolve the build up in the pore rather than just the surface.


Pacne bacteria causes an infection in the pore which results in a pustule. We do need bacteria in the skin but when the bacteria is in the wrong place in the skin it is seen as a bad guy and causes inflammation and infection.

The solution is to sterilise the skin, so having an professional peel and using ingredients like lactic acid, tea tree and colostrum will help to kill the bacteria and reduce the inflammation.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hence why it’s common to get breakouts at the time of the month and as a teenager. The imbalance influences the oil gland to produce more oil and a thicker stickier sebum.

The solution has to be tackled internally, DIM a phytonutrient has been proven to be effective at balancing naturally.


Your diet can influence the skin and how it behaves. The bad guys – alcohol,sugar, dairy and wheat as these can contribute to inflammation and bacteria in the skin, try and limit or even cut out how much of these you have in your diet. The good guys and the things you want to make sure you get lot of in your diet is good fats from oily fish, nuts and seeds and plenty of water.


An inflammatory response on the skin affecting the sebaceous gland often when stressed causes a breakout. Then you get stressed because you’ve got a breakout = vicious cycle. Make sure you up your vitamins when you are stressed and try and find ways to destress, maybe a massage or a relaxing bath( not too hot as this isn’t great for the skin).

Wrong products.

The bottle says for oily skin or breakouts but often over the counter products worsen and aggravate by over exfoliation and stripping. Make sure you use the correct products for your specific skin, have a consultation with a skin specialist.

See a skin specialist and have a consultation

We have great success with our acne and breakout clients as we look at the whole of the cause and look at long term results rather than quick fixes. We really look at a detailed consultation to get to the underlying cause of the breakout.  Take a look at the products and treatments that can really help to clear acne.


That’s what we’re here for – Simply get in touch, we
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