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Acne scarring, chicken pox scars, stretch marks, surgery to name but a few. There are many types of scars but all have one thing in common the skin has become damaged. As a child you fall and bump your knee and the injury heals pretty quickly and soon looks like normal skin. You fall when you’re an adult and you’re left with the war wounds to show.

So why do we scar you ask?

Slow wound healing

The skin as we age slows down in the way in which it heals leading us more likely to scar.

Solution- Keep the skin cells as active and normal as possible by using Vitamin A such as AVST 1 moisturiser.

Collagen production

When you injure the skin the wound clots, closes and begins to heal. The healing process involves collagen to help knit the skin back together. As we age the ability to remove damaged collagen slows down but also flexible young collagen slows down leaving the skin scarred instead of smooth.

Solution- Boost the cell responsible for making collagen by taking Vitamin A & C interanlly and topically such as Skin Collagen Support supplement and AVST 1 moisturiser. Treatments such as Microneedling are brilliant for scarring.

Damage to the DNA

If the DNA of the skin becomes damaged the skin is more likely to scar and with age damage is more likely because of the exposure to free radicals.

Solution- Antioxidants to protect and Vitamins to repair.


There really is no quick fix with scarring but we have seen some impressive results on both young and old scars. We really need to get lots of Vitamin A in high doses into the skin and then ideally micro needling to get an impressive result. Depending on the depth of the scar the following treatments are perfect for scarring-


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Recommended Solutions

Depending on the depth of the scar the following treatments are perfect for scarring...