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Dehydrated or Dry skin.

Feeling a bit parched, flaky and tight? Wrinkles appearing more visible than usual? Your skin may be dry or dehydrated. What is the difference you ask? Dry skin tends to lack oil and dehydrated skin lack water.

So what is making our skin dryer or more dehydrated than usual?

Steamy Showers…

Feels so good on your skin? Well it might do at the time but your skin won’t thank you for it as it’s drying out your natural oils and don’t be spending too long in the shower as this will further strip your parched skin.

Soaps & Face Wipes…

A quick fix to clean your skin but these skin haters really do strip your poor skin of its natural oils leaving it tight and dry.

Over Exfoliation…

Those dead skin cells are there for a reason to protect all the living cells underneath and keep everything locked in…so that instant smoothness you get from exfoliation actually makes you skin long term dry.


Naturally as we age everything slows down and in skin terms on of the things is your natural moisture leaving even an oily skin feeling dryer as you age.

Lack of good fats…

We’re talking good fats like avocado, nuts, seeds and oily fish. These good guys found in your diet help to keep water locked and improve the barrier leaving the skin feeling hydrated.

Lack of water…

We all know we need water but your skin especially needs it to do its job of protecting you. Not enough water will leave the skin looking like a prune.


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