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Essential Tips for Summer Skin

So summer is upon us, although sometimes the sun has forgotten to put his hat on. Lots of you are jetting off on your holidays or maybe just looking forward to weekends of BBQ’s (yes the men finally cook) and maybe even dining al fresco.

SkinGym Summer Skin Health

So to make sure your skin stays beautiful and of course protected here are my top tips…

1. Get out in the sun and get your Vitamin D. As much as we need to stay sun safe, the sun is also beneficial for you as it helps to make Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy skin.  One in five adults are deficient in Vitamin D and partly it’s because we don’t get enough hot sunny days in the U.K. So when it’s sunny get outside for 10-15 minute without sunscreen on and get your Vitamin D fix. After 10-15 minutes you must put your sunscreen on otherwise you risk damaging the skin and diminishing the Vitamin D you’ve made.
SkinGym Summer Sun

2. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen. It can be pretty confusing choosing a sunscreen as there is so much choice. An important factor is to make sure it protects you against UVB rays (hot sunshine that burns) and UVA rays (present all year round – no immediate damage seen). The number on the sunscreen SPF stands for sun protection factor and this protect you against UVB rays only. So for example an SPF 10 would give you 10 x longer from burning than if you didn’t have anything on the skin. UVA protection is normally given a star rating, or low, medium and high so always look out for this. Never but one without giving you the UVA protection as your need this protection all year round. The amount you apply and how regular is also important. Make sure you use at least a tablespoon per area (teaspoon for face) and reapply every 1.5-2hours. It’s too late if you are reapplying when the skin is already burning.

3. Up your Antioxidants. Ideally you want to do this both internally and externally. Creams and sunscreens that have antioxidants will give you an extra protective layer and prevent damage and inflammation.Ideally eat lots of antioxidant foods which are found in fruit and veg particularly colourful fruit and veg carrots, tomatoes and blueberries are all great sources of antioxidants.

SkinGym Summer fruit and veg

4. Slow down on the exfoliation. I’m not a lover of granular exfoliation as it does tend to scratch that top layer, but if you do scrub then make sure you stop before sun exposure so that you’re not removing the protective layer and leaving the skin open to more damage.

I prefer AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) based exfoliation as it gently melt the build up of skin cells. I would slow down or even stop when out in the sun to limit any risk of pigmentation.

5. Eat more tomatoes. Lycopene is  an enzyme found in tomatoes particularly cooked tomatoes and helps to protect you from burning by 33% so have a bowl of tomato soup before heading out into the sun to stop you burning and looking like a tomato.

6. Uneven skin, sunspots and pigmentation. If you suffer from pigmentation you must limit your time in the sun as those pesky little patches will return. Try to wear a hat, apply a high factor sunscreen and stay out of the sun between 11-3. Introduce a Vitamin C product like Environs Cboost to your routine and this will boost your natural protection. Find out more about pigmentation here

7. A tan is a scar. I know we all feel healthier, slimmer and more confident with a tan but a tan is a sign of damage so fake it instead! A tan may be semi-permanent but the damage is long lasting, best case scenario you’ll age quicker, worst case you’ll develop skin cancer. You make melanin (what produces a tan) when exposed to light to protect the skin cells, so if the skin is tanned, it is a sign that the damage has got to work. A tanned skin will age at a quicker rate… look at this lady

SkinGym tanning is a scar

8. Have a vitamin facial. After sun exposure it’s a good idea to have a vitamin facial boost to replenish vitamins that are lost through light exposure. A firm favourite to hydrate, nourish and repair is the SkinGym Vitamin facial that is packed full of Vitamin A, C and Antioxidants and helps to repair damage caused by UV rays.

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So ladies (and gents as sun care is for everyone) get out in the sun and enjoy your holidays but look after your skin and it will look after you.

Lots of summer skin love.