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Light up your skin with the award winning LED phototherapy

All you need to know about LED phototherapy and why your skin will LOVE YOU FOR IT.

So we’re told light is bad for our skin and we should protect from it daily right? Well yes you are right you should, but not all light is the same and not all light is bad for you. We’re talking about LED phototherapy- Skin loving light. This beautiful light is heat free, U.V free, harm free and actually therapeutic, stress relieving .

So what is it all about, how does it work and is it for my skin you ask?

If you want to look hydrated, youthful, smooth, bright, clear, rejuvenated and flawless then this is absolutely the treatment for you.

Originally developed by NASA for astronauts who became injured or ill on long-term space flights, this clinically proven treatment really does light up your skin.

This high tech sounding treatment stands for Light Emitting Diode known as LED phototherapy. It’s based on the principle that living cells are able to absorb light like how plants use light to photosynthesize. For our skin we use the light to jump start our body’s natural process to rejuvenate & repair the skin.

LED Phototherapy

So how does it work?

This skin loving light uses a combination of three lights- red, blue and near infrared.

Red is the collagen boosting light. This light stimulates the juicy fibroblast cell to stimulate new healthy, strong collagen to make our skin plump, hydrated and more youthful. Perfect if you are concerned with ageing or scarring. It will make you look light years younger.

Blue is the antibacterial light. This light targets and kills P acne bacteria, reducing inflammation and breakouts. Acne doesn’t stand a chance with LED therapy.

Near Infrared – this is the deepest absorbing light and helps to accelerate repair, strengthens the skin and heals . Rosacea, eczema and irritated skin love this light. Perfect for making the skin flawless and even.

The amazing thing with the LED phototherapy at SkinGym is…we always use a combination of all three meaning your skin gets all the benefits.

So what happens in a LED phototherapy treatment?

This treatment can be a standalone treatment or added onto other skin treatments.

During the treatment the light panel will be placed over a clean skin for about 30 minutes during which you will wear protective goggles. The light feels nice and warming on the skin and you can drift of whilst the light works it’s magic. The treatment has therapeutic effects and a lot of clients claim they feel de-stressed and calm. After your treatment the skin will look clear, hydrated and plump. No downtime, no redness and you can even put your makeup on after.

Ideally a course of treatments is recommended which will depend on skin condition and what you want to achieve.

So if you love your skin you will love LED. It truly will repair, rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.

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Light up your life.

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