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To Exfoliate or Not to Exfoliate? That is the Question

Before we answer the question of whether we should exfoliate or not, let’s delve into what exfoliation actually is… Exfoliation is quite literally the removal of dead skin cells.

To exfoliate or not to exfoliate - SkinGym blog

It can be done in two ways; physically with a ‘scrub’ type of product that buffs the cells away, or chemically with ingredients such as AHA’s (Alpha hydroxyl acids) or BHA’s (Beta Hydroxy Acids) which help to melt away the dead skin cells, but also your skin is super clever as it is continuously naturally exfoliating.

Actually, your skin is busy making a new surface every 22-28 days- how amazing is that!

Here at SkinGym, we prefer chemical exfoliation rather than physical as it works with the skin rather than quite literally taking away, so put down that scrub a dub dub!

So if the skin is designed to naturally exfoliate and do the job itself, do we really need to exfoliate? There are certain conditions and factors that can affect how quickly or slowly the skin sheds, so for example as we age the skins cell renewal slows down, with dry skin or skin exposed to the sun it can also slow down. With other skin conditions such as psoriasis, it’s quite the opposite and can speed up.

So what should I use & when?
We’ve put together a simple guide so you can see how to incorporate exfoliation into your routine for your specific skin concern:

All skins
We recommend using some sort of Vitamin A product to help normalise the skins natural exfoliation process that maybe AVST 1-5 moisturiser, C-Quence 1-4plus Moisturiser or Retinol 1-3. All of these contain Vitamin A which will help the skin to naturally exfoliate.

Acne/Oily skins
Salicylic acid is your best friend as it will help to sweep any excess oil & dead skin cells out of the pore. Sebuwash, Sebutone & Sebumasque all contain this ingredient to dissolve the oil and dead skin cells.

If the skin is looking a bit dull and lifeless or maybe slightly sun-damaged then Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream or Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner can help with to smooth and brighten the skin. These two products contain AHA’s to help smooth and exfoliate.

You need Lactic acid. This ingredient both exfoliates and nourishes the skin Moisturising Botanical Toner or Alpha Hydroxy Night cream will give you your glow back.

Revival Masque quite literally will make your skin glow. The combination of three acids help to exfoliate, brighten & tighten the skin.
Exfoliation can be a wonderful thing but the key is to not overdo it!! We do need some of those dead skin cells to protect our skin.

For more tips on how to cleanse your skin, check out my ‘Take the day off with me’ video on Instagram

Also check out the new Black Face Kloth – it’s an essential product I highly recommend.

As always we’re here to guide you on your skincare journey so feel free to book a consultation with me so I can give you the best recommendations.

Lots of skin love
Katherine x