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Your Guide to Skincare Acids

For the skincare savvy among us, acids will be tried and tested in your routine. Variations of different acids can be found in cult-favourite toners, serums and moisturisers; with each providing results for specific skin concerns. If acids are new to you, don’t fear we have created a quick guide on the different types of acids, when best to use them and how they benefit different skin concerns.

Bring on the glow! Exfoliating Acids

AHAs – Alpha Hydroxy Acids

You have probably seen these in numerous products and are commonly known as; Glycolic, Citric, Mandelic and Lactic. AHAs aid the exfoliation of the skin and stimulate collagenproduction making them the perfect addition to an anti-ageing skin regime.

Glycolic is arguably the best known AHA, it is the most effective in the AHA family due to its ability to penetrate deeply into the skin as it contains the smallest molecule in AHAs. Our favorite AHA is Lactic Acid as its found naturally in the skin and has lots of extra benefits such as inhibiting pigment- great for uneven skin tone, it helps to aid moisture in the skin and tends to be less aggravating to the skin.

We recommend the Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream.

BHAs – Beta Hydroxy Acids

BHAs are the sister to AHAs, similar in that they also exfoliate the skin and remove build-up and dead skin cells which contribute to dull skin and blocked pores. BHAs differ due to their molecular structure which is oil-soluble, unlike AHAs which are water-soluble. This allows for deeper penetration into the pores making BHAs extremely effective in treating acne and blemish-prone skin. BHAs also have natural soothing properties so can be used for sensitive skin whether oily or dry. 

Salicylic acid is the most popular of BHAs and is commonly used for targeting blemishes and acne due to its antibacterial and skin calming properties.

Take a look at Environ’s Sebu-Wash & Sebu-Tone.

Ready for Radiance? Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) differs from other acids as it solely hydrates the skin rather than exfoliating. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body with the impressive ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water! It is a perfect ingredient for those needing a boost of hydration or wanting a plump, hydrated complexion.

We recommend HA Intensive Hydrating Serum.

Can you use AHAs and BHAs together?

Many acid-focused products are formulated with a combination on AHA & BHA acids. For your first foray into acids, take a look at a toner or a moisturiser. If the doses are too high within your products you may experience some peeling, therefore, build up and limit acid use (apart from HA) to 2-3 times per week dependent on your skin concern.

Consider the Botanical Moisturising Toner.

If you want to learn more on how acids can aid your skincare journey, contact our skincare expert Katherine for a skin consultation and product recommendations to achieve a radiant complexion.