26 reviews for Skin EssentiA AVST 3

  1. Rachel Heal (verified purchase)

    I have been using avst for a few years and gradually built up to No 3 – if I’ve run out and I use another product I notice how dull my skin gets – it’s the best I’ve found and the price here is good too – I use the subscription method now .

  2. Hadera Burki (verified purchase)

    Preferred over avst1 and 2 but looking forward to avst4

  3. Pauline McCabe (verified purchase)

    I have really noticed a difference with this moisturiser, skin is brighter and healthier. Due to move to AVST 4 now and have never looked back.

  4. waffa girshab (verified purchase)

    Applies easily. Really enjoying the step up system

  5. Thuraya Zakri (verified purchase)

    Have been using this product for years after gradually moving up from level 1 and 2, wonderful product. I am happy with this level as I tried going up to 4 but it was too much for me so I stayed with level 3 and very happy with the results.

  6. Rachel Heal (verified purchase)

    Best price around and efficient delivery

  7. Lorna Morrow (verified purchase)

    Really great product- non greasy and quickly absorbed. I’ve found pigmentation not as much of a problem in the summer months when using this product.

  8. Nichola Mcgreevy (verified purchase)

    Seeing a marked difference already having graduated to avst3. Wouldn’t use anything else now

  9. Nichola Mcgreevy (verified purchase)

    Haven’t used this yet as just upgraded. Hoping to see a difference with this next step.

  10. Louise Gannon (verified purchase)

    Just started on my 2nd bottle due to introducing the cosmetic facial roller. Love how my skin looks after using it.

  11. Chrissy Goodall

    Was on the product and really liked it but now moved on to the c-quence

  12. Sharon Mather

    Excellent moisturiser. Really beneficial for anti ageing effects.

  13. Aoife ODowd (verified purchase)

    I have been using environ for 2 years now and the difference is huge. My skin was acne prone and now I rarely get spots

  14. Karen Kennedy (verified purchase)

    So im currently using AVST 3 now nearly finishing my second bottle I just love it goes on so easy I’m excited to be moving onto the AVST 4

  15. Aine McGivern (verified purchase)

    Fab product

  16. Sarah Doyle (verified purchase)

    I am still getting the benefit from my avst 3 as my 1 and 2. But it doesn’t sink in as well as the 1and 2 in my oilier areas. It doesn’t feel any thicker in texture. I’ve purchased a second bottle so am sticking with it as my skin has improved.

  17. Eisher Kaur (verified purchase)

    I’ve been using AVST 3 for some time now and it’s the only range of creams that suit my sensitive skin- I would 100% recommend!

  18. Emma Wallace (verified purchase)

    Love it! I’ve had problem sensitive skin for years – very reactive to water and heat, but this has made the world of difference settling it. Slightly sad to be moving up a level, but looking forward to trying number 4

  19. Sonia Kelly (verified purchase)

    Having upgraded to level 3 for a few weeks now. Skin nice and bright and balanced.
    Goes on easily.

  20. Barbara Andrews (verified purchase)

    I have been using AVST 3 for some time now and love this product. It sinks into my skin easily and doesn’t leave any residue. This is my third order from the SkinGym and I have been very impressed with the excellent service and the little freebie samples are a bonus. I would definitely recommend the SkinGym.

  21. Melanie Metcalfe (verified purchase)

    Having used environ for around 18 months from a department store, I’m currently on my 2nd bottle of AVST 3 and have noticed a huge difference.
    The sky gym provided a fantastic service, would 100% recommend !

  22. Denisa Filipescu

    Beautiful,light weight lotion that absorbs quickly.Highly recommend!If you’re fed up of creams that seem to stay on top of your skin,this is the answear.

  23. Yvonne O Connor (verified purchase)

    Loving environ, completely transformed my skin for the better
    Quick delivery of products and brilliant advice

  24. Pamela McCartney (verified purchase)

    Highly recommended skin care range. I started using Environ 18 months ago. I’m 52 and had long term issues with redness, oiliness and breakouts. My skin has really improved since I started Avst. I’ve gradually worked my way up the levels and my skin is the best it’s ever been, redness has all but disappeared and texture and clarity are 100% improved. I wouldn’t use any other brand now and Skin Gym offer great Environ prices.

  25. Grainne Murphy

    I thought I’d give Environ a try, having seem them in a department store. Reviews seemed good, but I didn’t know much about the brand. Currently on AVST 3, having moved up from 1. I was inspired to write a review after thinking about buying some other skincare bits and pieces elsewhere, but realising I just don’t need anything new. I use it along with a small number of other products, significantly simplified compared to before, and my skin has improved markedly. It seems more even and more stable and I experienced no irritation – in fact the only time my skin has been reactive recently was when I was away for a few days and didn’t bring it!

  26. Charlotte Gallagher

    I am currently using this product, after starting on level 1, my skin already looks so much clearer and I can’t wait to move up to level 4 and finally 5 to increase the vitamins!

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SkinGym Environ Skin Essentia AVST Moisturiser 3
4.88 out of 5 based on 26 customer ratings
(26 customer reviews)

Skin EssentiA AVST 3

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  • Details

    Environ Skin EssentiA AVST 3 moisturiser (previously known as AVST 3) is the third step in the award-winning anti-ageing moisturiser from AVST range. Containing a moderate amount of vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, this product helps repair and protect your skin, giving you a youthful radiance.

    Environ’s unique STEP UP SYSTEM starts with a low level of active ingredients, and increases the amounts as you progress. It allows your skin to acclimatise to higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants and ensures your skin isn’t overloaded.

    The AVST range of moisturisers is endorsed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute.


    Please note due to the nature of the active ingredients Environ is a consultation only product, therefore if you would like to purchase products please register and fill out our online consultation form or call 01274 288 801 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for advice and to order products.

  • Benefits & Skin Types

    The Skin EssentiA range of AVST moisturisers have many benefits, including:

    • Increases your skin’s moisture levels
    • Evens discolouration in skin tone
    • Minimises the signs of ageing, including fine lines, and sun damage
    • Supports healthy skin


    Ideal for all skin types, the AVST 3 moisturiser helps to combat several skin issues, including:

    • Pigmentation
    • Lines & wrinkles
    • Scarring
    • Dry skins
    • Dull skins
    • Photo damage
  • How to Use

    Apply morning and evening after cleansing and toning.

    Apply 2-3 pumps across the face down to the chest (can be cocktailed with your other Environ serums)

    Follow with Rad SPF15 in the morning

    Once acclimatised to AVST 3 progress to AVST 4

    Recommended Step Up Process for AVST Moisturiser

    • AVST 1 – Use 1-2 Bottles
    • AVST 2 – Use 1-2 Bottles
    • AVST 3 – Use 1-2 Bottles
    • AVST 4 – Use for 6-12 Months
    • AVST 5 –  Can progress to C-quence Gels or Retinol serums
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