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et al. Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation With SPF20 (32 Shades)



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    Introducing a New Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation With SPF20

    This amazing new foundation blends the joy of makeup with the science of skincare.

    It’s an intelligent foundation from the new makeup brand et al. and gives you more than a flawless finish. Packed with active ingredients, expect visible results for your skin (without any cost to the planet).

    There are 32 different colour shades to choose from and comes in a 30ml bottle.

    Hydrating / Protecting / Buildable Coverage

    This foundation does more than give your skin a hydrated, natural finish. It contains a synergy of skincare actives including blue shield, floraglo lutein and hydrachrysum™ to help protect your skin against harmful rays such as UV, blue light, and infrared rays, whilst also repairing the skins barrier, hydrating and calming inflammation.

    It gives the skin a 3D matte finish and has buildable coverage to customise to your skin. It also minimises the appearance of pores.

    All these skin loving ingredients are packed into an airless pump and removable pouch to keep the ingredients fresh.

    A Guide To Choosing Your Shades

    There are 32 different shades to choose each one indicated by a unique number, and they are grouped into 4 different skin tone categories, Light, Medium, Tan and Deep, with 8 shades in each category.

    • Light – shades 10-80
    • Medium – shades 90-170
    • Tan – shades 180-250
    • Deep – shades 260-320

    There are also 3 different types of intensity tone:

    • Neutral (N),
    • Warm (W)
    • Cool (C)

    You will find a colour chart for each shade by clicking on the product image gallery.

    Take a Look How Different Colours Look On Your Skin
    et al. Intelligent Skin Cream Foundation With SPF20 32 Shades Colour Checker

    Selecting Your Shade

    To add the shade you would like to your basket, select the correct number from the dropdown menu

    How to Use

    • Dot a small amount of the foundation onto your cheeks, chin and forehead.
    • Then use a new et al. blending brush or foundation brush to blend into the skin.
    • Add more to areas to build coverage that can be used to conceal.
    • To finish spritz with the 3-in-1 face mist to set and lock in moisture.

     Good For The Environment Not Just Your Skin

    The 30ml glass bottle can be recycled and the pump can be returned for us to recycle.

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    Deep, Medium, Tan, 10N, 20W, 30N, 40C, 50W, 60W, 70C, 80N, 90C, 100N, 110W, 120W, 130C, 140N, 150N, 160W, 170N, 180N, 190C, 200W, 210W, 220C, 230W, 240N, 250C, 260C, 270W, 280W, 290N, 300C, 310W, 320N, Light