6 reviews for Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque

  1. Olivia Barron

    I use this when I have a breakout or feel like my skin needs a good clean, it goes on easily and does not strip the skin!

  2. Zoe mcguinness

    Bought this mask in a special pack at Xmas great value.
    When I have a break out it’s very soothing clay mask if it dries on the skin you can add your AVST moisturiser over the top. I have slept with it on. I am on AVST 5 so I am used to the higher vitamin A and added Retinol serums

  3. Nina Pham

    I can’t live without this face mask since I started using it a couple of years ago. I use it every 3 days or every month depending on my skin texture. When I get breakouts which is usually just before the time of the month, I use this face mask more frequent. It helps with smoothing out my skin again and wicking away the grease my skin produces with the outbreaks.

    I don’t use it when my face is feeling dry or has patches of dryness, as it can make it worse. I use my cool peel mask when I need that extra moisture.

  4. Siobhan Carr

    For Christmas my daughter received the masque in the Sebu-LAC set. The addition of the masque to her skin care routine has made a difference. She suffers from cystic acne & after using the masque, areas which are inflamed look much calmer. Like the other products in this range, it smells so nice & clean. The masque has not dried her skin & has been a welcome addition.

  5. Bindi Sohdi (verified purchase)

    I have ordered this in the past and helping reduce down the inflammation of cystic acne

  6. Hannah Jurkiewicz (verified purchase)

    Another Environ product I use that makes my skin feel great. My cyst acne flare ups and general monthly hormonal changes are really calmed and inflammation is reduced with this mask. I have used nearly all masks by other brands and this one is right up there. The best thing about this is that it does not dry my skin out. In any way at all. Many others work but by drying the skin in some form.

    I would never change the product as I love it, but the design could be easier to use if it was made as a tub rather than a push down top. But other than that brilliant mask for clogged/acne skin that can’t handle being dried out.

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Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque

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  • Details

    Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque 50ml is a low pH creamy mask and is the third and final phase of Focus Care Clarity+ 3-phase process. The Masque assists in clearing the appearance of existing breakouts, with a combination of exfoliating acids leaving the skin looking visibly healthier and smoother clear breakouts with the use of Salicylic and Lactic Acid.

    Suitable for breakout skins.

    Formerly known as Sebumasque as part of Environ’s B-Active Range.

    Please note due to the nature of the active ingredients Environ is a consultation only product, therefore if you would like to purchase products please register and fill out our online consultation form or call 01274 288 801 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for advice and to order products.

  • Benefits & Skin Types

    This home mini peel helps to calm and clear breakouts with the use of Salicylic and Lactic Acid which will reduce inflammation, infection and reduce scarring in the skin. Leaving a more even, smoother, clearer complexion.

    Perfect for

    • Breakouts
    • Acne
    • Congested skin
    • Oily skin
  • How to Use

    After cleansing and toning the skin apply an even layer to areas of breakouts leave on for 10 minutes (may be built up to 20 minutes for persistent breakouts). Rinse off with water and apply Sebu-ACE Oil and Sebu-Lac lotion. Can be used every 2-3 nights. Discontinue for a few days if your skin feels dry or flaky.

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