3 reviews for Anti-Pollution Spritz

  1. Chrissy Goodall

    Used this light weight spray while we was in lock down

  2. Olivia Barron

    I keep this in my bag when out in London, it keeps my skin clear and its very refreshing.

  3. paula rafferty (verified purchase)

    Love ths lightweight facial spray. It doesn’t leave the face tight. Very refreshing especially in this warm weather. I keep it beside my laptop to remind me to use it a few times a day.

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Environ Focus Care Comfort Anti-Pollution 50ml Spritz
4.33 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)

Anti-Pollution Spritz


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  • Details

    This lightweight, invisible breathable shield offers complete skin protection for when you are out and about and on the go. A unique blend of Anti–Pollution ingredients & high potency antioxidants to help counteract the harmful effects of pollution.

    When to use this Spritz:

    The Anti-Pollution Spritz is designed to be used during the day when your skin feels fragile and looks sensitive due to the harmful effects of free-radical damage for example exposure to pollution, smoking, stress, and temperature extremes – perfect for wintertime!


    1.POLLUSTOP assists to form a physical surface barrier to help protect the skin against the atmosphere, UV and urban pollution.

    2.ACTIBIOME scientifically advanced ingredient complex that assists to rebalance the biodiversity and homeostatis of the skins microbiome.

    3.VITAMIN C COMBINED WITH A SPECIALISED PLANT EXTRACT assists to counteract the effects of free radicals induced by blue light.

    4.CONCENTRATED PHYTONUTRIENT PLANT EXTRACT shown to deactivate pollutions effects and enhance skins resistance.

    5.NIACINAMIDE powerful antioxidant to assist to repair and protect the skin’s barrier from past and future damage.

    Size: 50ml

  • Benefits & Skin Types

    Skin Types/Suitable For-


    -Fragile Skins

    -Sensitive Skins

    -Stressed skins

    -Skins exposed to environmental pollutants

    -Skins exposed to indoor polluntants

    -Skins exposed to artificially heat/ air conditioning

    -Skins exposed to frequent blue light( from screens/computer)




  • How to Use

    Spritz onto the skin after applying makeup or after applying moisturiser in the morning.

    Can be used up to 5 x day

  • Additional information

    Additional information

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